Dream came true! :D

I don’t know what happen to me, suddenly. I’ve never brave like that before. I swear! I just lose control when I’m with you. I love you too much, Sayang. 

2 days in heaven.. 

♥ Spend all night with you on the same bed
♥ My head on your chest and hear your heartbeat clearly 
♥ Giggle with you on bed 
♥ Hug from back and feeling your heartbeat on my back
♥ You’re the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning 
♥ Kiss you, touch you, see you as much as I want to
♥ Asleep with our hand holding each other
♥ Smell of your skin lingers on me
♥ Propose and give me a ring 
It maybe a simple thing, but really nice and warm in my heart. 
So I, bravely, gently.. give you mine, give you my all. 
My heart, my love, my life, my everything.. 
I just can always pray to the God so He won’t change my mind, neither will yours. Coz, WITH YOU is all I want. 
Thanks for treat me like princess, yang.
Thanks for making my dream came true.
Just so you know, I’m the luckiest girl in the world, because I have you. 

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