You are my..

You are my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate.
You can always bring my good mood.

You are my drugs.
Never fail to heal me every single time, and so.. so addictive.

You are my genie.
Grant my wish and full of magic.
Like butterfly in my tummy.

You are my ice cream, my sweetest ice cream.
So cold, but the sensation of taste is unexplainable.

You are my home.
The only place where I feel comfort and I can go back from wherever.

You are the love of my life.

You are my everything.

You are the one who finally makes me realize and understand why it never works with other guys before.

In the name of God..
I love you. I love all about you.
I love you every single day.
I promise I try to make sure you know that.
I promise I never let you down.
I promise I will always be with you, stick together, and stay no matter what happen.
And I will be one of luckiest girl in the world if you feel the same way, baby 🙂

Goodnight, baby ♥♡

Our satnite ♥

We never go out anywhere like usually couples do. We always just sit in my livingroom, watch bad TV (mostly we never focus on that TV haha) or just talk about everything, mostly me, who talk here and there, this and that, and he just laughs or smiles on what I’m talking about. Sometimes, when we stop. We just stare to each other, our naughty eyes meet, and we kiss like no one in the house, and when we sober, we laugh.
I don’t know if we can go out. I just don’t know where to go. We don’t know. Because this satnight, all I want is you, with me, staring at me, talking about our past mistake, our future will be or anything everything, teasing you teasing me, even the real conversation, confession, about our feeling, touch your cheek and say that you’re such a handsome guy XD JUST EVERYTHING! haha
When we are back our own home, I’ll be missing you again 😀
Ya.. that’s all our satnite haha
Goodbye for now. I’ll be seing you soon today, baby! :*

Give a name of today is one of heaven on earth. Almost all day with you. Thousand kisses, hugs, hard laughs and this ‘our goodnight’ today. Smiling just imagine how is your face like when he type that haha ah you always make me smile so easily 🙂
I love you more. More than anything in this world. I bet you didnt know I started to love you more than my self., too. Well, now you know. I dont know when it began, it just happen eventually. I’m lil bit scared of this. I’m afraid you would be in love with someone else or let me down. Jangan ya? I promise I wont do it too. I wont let you down and I dont have any plan, even one plan, to cheating on you. I swear. ♡

Belum, atau ga akan?

Belum puas mantengin wajah tengil nyebelin tapi ganteng itu, atau ga akan pernah puas? Haha
Masih kangen kangen kangen terus..
Padahal udah puas2in liatin sayang teruss.. sampe ga fokus kamu ngmg apaan hahaha
Beuh ini yg kepo.. I love you ♥
Gausah senyum2 sendirii gt deh hahaha