Just spill out my shit

Maybe we can just call this Honeymoon #2, every weekend is honeymoon. and we will be newly wedd forever haha (no, not forever). We were spending happy time togetheeeer, you were always so funny and adorable :* :* :*

Kiss every yours wherever I could, touch your face wherever I want, fall sleep and wake up beside you, no one and nothing can disturb us. 

But you know what? You are so annoying when I take you shopping -_- maybe next time I have to be by my self -_- I can’t see your annoyed face, you bored face, your tired face everytime I look 😐
But still, I love you with all of my life. I miss you when you left for home. I miss you even more when I go to my room end no one there.  I feel like really have to really cry, but I can’t.

Maybe there’s never a right time, but someday I have to. 
OK when does this note being soooo sensitive? being so sad? -_-
Hormon? Mood? Oh whatever. I still have to spill this out. 

when does this end? how can it ends?
I cant do this anymore, plis. Somebody take me home. 
I really can’t  handle every farewell 😦
I can’t handle every goodbye 😦
Help meee 😦


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